Light & Green Line Card

Light and Green have a combined experience in the lighting and electrical industries. The products offered all use environmentally green materials, which allows for the trimless finished look our products are known for world wide. At our Los Angeles branch, we have an inhouse design team capable of creating various lighting designs and concepts.

Light & Green currently exports to 80 countries around the world. The factory employs 100 people in manufacturing, 20 in administration and engineering, and can produce 12,000 units per day.

Our factory is a leading manufacturer of high quality lighting products, for domestic and commercial applications. With 16 years of experience in the lighting field, our extensive product range includes Plaster wall sconces, Plaster surface mount fixtures, Plaster Pendants, Plaster recessed down lights, Plaster wall recessed, Concrete decorative wall sconces and concrete pendant light fixtures.

The plaster contains gypsum, a natural material free of toxins. Gypsum is recyclable, considered a green product, and recycling is friendly to the environment. The gypsum mining process requires less energy and resources; damage to land is minor compared to harvesting other materials. Gypsum, being a soft material, does not require explosives or large tools during the mining process.


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